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Hi, I'm Simon

25 Years Of Strategy Will Grow Your Brand The Smart Way.From working with 300+ brands for almost 3 decades, I have the lived experience of building smart & simple marketing strategies and content for the world’s leading brands. From global health & fitness brands, to CBD startups.
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Who is Simon and why should I work with him?

Strategist and Insight-Hunter

I'm a rare breed of brand strategist and ex-qual researcher, meaning I'll find that big insight that will move customers to think, act and buy.Since 2005, I’ve built strategies for hundreds of world-famous to atom-sized brands. From matching the business goal to a simple strategy and robust marketing roadmap that links your marketing performance to your bottom line, you’ll access it all.Currently, I work a lot with health brands (as a qualified personal trainer too, it's a particularly good fit).Me in 3 words? Deep-dive researcher.Available to work hybrid or remotely from Kent.Email me at:
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How I can help you...

Brand Strategy

I'll work with you to create a repositioned brand and creating a go-to-market plan. My process covers:

  1. Brief exploration

  2. Problem definition

  3. 4 C analysis: customer, category, competition, company

  4. Brand SWOT analysis

  5. Brand asset voice and reviews

  6. Customer interviews and surveys

  7. Stakeholder interviews and surveys

  8. Existing internal insight review

  9. Insight summary and strategic recommendations.

  10. Positioning territory creation 3-5

  11. Positioning choice and consumer-facing articulation with visualisation

  12. Marketing Objective definition

  13. KPI definition and metric setting across the buyer journey

  14. Consumer journey mapping

  15. Creative brief writing

  16. Tactical rollout planning by channel, format

  17. Brand asset design with guidelines

  18. Brand playbooks for Local Markets

  19. Local Market briefings

  20. Post campaign analysis

Strategy Workshops

I run team workshops, where you'll get to the strategic answer that you need in only a few hours. Example topics we cover in a workshop...

  1. Brand positioning and purpose creation

  2. Brand tone of voice

  3. Brand design and distinctive assets

  4. Customer segmentation & prioritisation

  5. Persona definition

  6. Competition analysis

  7. Content & message analysis

  8. Channel analysis

  9. Roadmap and campaign Ecosystem mapping

  10. Creative effectiveness best practice

Insight & Trend Reports

100% tailored insight & advisory analysis into the trends that impact your brand. Delivered with a live insight presentation and detailed PDF report. Examples include...

  1. Market and category trends

  2. Competitor Communications

  3. Persona development

  4. Audience trends

  5. Tech Trends

Team training

  1. How to do audience research on a budget

  2. Insight generation best practice for campaigns

  3. Brand strategy best practice

  4. Creative effectiveness best practice

  5. Media and channel planning best practice

  6. Customer journey mapping

  7. Campaign planning and calendar mapping

Brands I've worked with:

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